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 אפיון ותכנון פתרונות אבטחת מידע , מערכות שליטה ובקרת התקנים  ניטור  קונפיגורציות , לוגים , תעבורה , אפליקציות ועוד.ניסיון רב_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ in a wide variety of complex organizational environments. Adjust the solution according to customer needs while complying with the budget framework. Uncompromising service and professionalism at fair prices. We specialize in the full range of services and solutions in the field of information and cyber security, monitoring systems and more. Ransomware protection, access protection  and secure file sharing, email phishing attacks and more

  • Malware Prevention & Detection 

  • Risk Management

  • File Transfer Automation  

  • Secure Manage File Transfer

  • Email Security  Solutions

  • Data Encryption

  • Intrusion Prevention Systems

  • Exploit Protection 

  • Ransomware Protection

  • Single Sign On

  • Multi Factor Authentication 

  • Endpoint Security Solutions

  • Infrastructure  Pen Testing

  • CDR Sensitizing

  • Access Management

  • Secure Browsing

  • Network Management

  • LOG Management 

  • Phishing Assessments 

  • Sandboxing

  • Safe Browsing

  • Virtual Workspace 

  Providing a Complete Suite of IT Security  Solutions
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